I started out in Photography as a kid in the 1970s…and started showing my work in 2010. Some of my images of vintage automobiles were in calendars in 2007 and 2008, including having made the cover of the 2008 Buick-59 calendar. Also, a photo of one of my dogs is in a Yorkshire Terrier calendar for the month of May 2010.   Mostly I photograph landscapes with rolling scenery and clouds, some of which have been featured on the Facebook page “Everything Washington”. Also still lifes and a few portraits.

I still do Fine Art Photography but am now focusing on Mixed Media; using oil paint, repurposed computer parts, glass, nails, screws, religious icons, and more.  I have no fear of cutting or drilling holes in my art to incorporate items!

Over 20 years ago I attempted oil painting because my mother and grandmother did it. I tried realism like they did but didn’t succeed particularly well…so I gave up thinking ‘this wasn’t for me’. Now, so many years later just to get back into it I did one realistic painting and it turned out well…not perfect, but ok. Then I thought, “Why don’t I just paint what comes to me…something from inside?” Nothing and no one is holding me back. Feeling like I’ve shed any boundaries that held me back before, I do my art as it comes to my mind.heart.soul.

Decades of reading spiritual/metaphysical books and just life in general led me to begin producing this series I call Between Heaven & Earth. Some will even be from dreams. A common theme in most is the circle; a symbol of Universal Oneness, Source Energy, and Life. Also, I use religious icons in some pieces. I hope never to use them in a disrespectful way, but to enhance. I love religious icons from all religions. Especially ones that have meaning to me.

I hope you enjoy viewing my mixed media and photographic art as much as I enjoy making it. If you have questions about any pieces, please don’t hesitate to respectfully ask.

All images on any and all pages of this blog and website are © 2009-present. shockinson.com / SHockinson. All rights reserved.


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